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Siegelord Ver. 7.4 Update Note
37GAMES | notice | 12/15/2017

1.      New Cross Server Crusade

  • Free supplies in cross-servercrusade

  •         For1vs1 only, each player may claim once. Amount limited.

  •         Forcross-server crusade only.

  •         Phantomreleased before the crusade will not enter the crusade.

  • Two new items in the crusadesupplies

  •      Ifdefeated in a crusade, you will get more supplies for the next crusade.

  •      CrusadeDynamite and Crusade Trap are now added into the supplies.

  •      Dynamite:eliminates 5 rows of enemy troops, can be used in enemy fortress.

  •      Trap(for King and Rank I officers): disable enemy operations for a while, can beused in friendly fortress.

  • The War of Relic is unlocked!

  •      Defendyour relic for 30 minutes to win the war.

  •      Attackersand defenders will switch sides after a battle.

  • More Rewards

  •      CrusadeMassacre

Massacre is available in crusadenow.

Massacre rewards will be sent afterthe crusade.

  1.      MeritReset Horn

Collect and put the Reset HornShards together to make Reset Horn.

Merit Reset Horn resets the meritrank rewards so you can claim them again when you have earned more meritpoints.

2.      Daily Quest

  • Daily Quests will be available from08:00 to 23:59, Faction Lv.7 is required.

  • Complete daily quests to get massivemerit rewards including shards required to unlock technology: LogisticsPriority.

  • Logistics Priority: massacre rewardswill be auto-claimed and stored up to 60.

  • General Rielle is unlocked

  • Clear scenario Ancient GuardianRielle

  • Rielle excels at defending fortress,

  • he is also capable of blocking anattack.

  • Population System

  • Each active player who has reached aspecific level will be counted as 1 population of his/her faction.

  • There will be 4 levels ofpopulation, this will affect the difficulty of Draco Isle. Difficulty will notbe higher than the top one before the update.

  • Players who have never logged inwithin 7 days before the Draco Isle event starts will not be able to join theevent.

  • Other Optimization

  • EXP required for upgrading fromLv.140 to Lv.170 is reduced now.

  • There are 5 levels of Prosperitynow, from low to high, they are indicated by White, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple.This will attect Crusade Rewards.

  • Phantoms will inherit their caster'sZenith Set stats.

  • Savage Tribe difficulty is lowered.You may challenge it as long as you have Mamluks.

  • Players who are lower than Lv.70(included) will not be able to join Cross-server Crusade.

  • New Reign Sprint is permanentlyavailable to Lv.7 Factions.

  • Trade Order can be used on SilkRoad.

  • Silk cap is now displayed.

  • Assist Production display optimized

  • Zenith Set

  • Prerequisites:Level maxed, allequipment sets acquired, massacre unlocked, 5 antiques acquired.

  •  Upgrade Equipment Set:requires Gems, Silk, and Zenith Stones.

  •  Zenith Stone: obtainable fromMax Level Tarot rewards.

  • Zenith Set: can be upgraded usingTarot and Trade Order.

  • New Event: Zenith Stone Giveaway

  • Prerequisite: ZenithStone Unlocked

  • Details: you will get afree Zenith Stone for each Mamluk you've released in Cross Server Crusade.

※  Note

  • You may get up to 2000Zenith Stones in this event.

  • Free Mamluks released inDraco Isle or Cross Server Crusade are also counted.

  • Event progress will notbe reset at 00:00 every day.

  • Christmas Theme

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