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Siegelord Thanksgiving Events
37GAMES | notice | 11/22/2017

Thanksgiving Events

From November 23rd to 24th,a series of events will be available.


Event One: Login Gift

Available to: all players

Event Time: Nov. 23rd - Nov.24th

Details: login every day toclaim login gift packs. Unclaimed gift packs will be deleted at 00:00.

Gift Pack:

Nov. 23rdDiamond x60, Food x600k, Timber x600k, Gem x200
Nov. 24thDiamond x100, Food x1M, Timber x1M, Gem x200

Event Two: Friendly State

Available to: Lv.150+players (must unlock Silk Road)

Event Time: Nov. 24th

Details: Trade OrderGiveaway! Accumulate Fame to claim up to 20 Trade Orders  Trade Orders will be claimable after 01:00.

Fame required: 160, Fame, 2, Trade Orders, 320, Fame, 6, Trade Orders, 640,Fame, 12, Trade Orders.


Event Three: Alloy Giveaway

Available to: players whohave unlocked Artifact

Event Time: Nov. 23rd

Details: you will get bonusrewards for buying a certain amount of gift packs during the event. Bonusrewards will be sent to your warehouse in 3 days after the event.


Packs PurchasedReward
1-10Silk x10k, Tarot x30
11-20Silk x20k, Tarot x50, Gem x150
21-30Alloy x20k, Silk x30k, Tarot x70
31+Alloy x50k, Silk 50k, Tarot x100, Gem x300

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