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Siegelord Ver. 7.3 Update Note
37GAMES | notice | 10/18/2017

1.   Sawmill Modification

7 days after Lumberyard Modification, completeLv.165 quest Rescue Mystic Person to unlock.

Collect Mystic Schematics from merit rank.

Structure will gain 1 star after a modification.Silk Road cost can also be reduced once.

Silk Road cost will be permanently reduced oncestructure is maxed out.

2.   New Reign Lv.4

New Regin Lv.4 will be unlocked after clearingDraco Isle. The Knighthood system will also be unlocked.

A king may rally a knighthood. Lords with Lv.50artifacts and fully recruited army may join the knighthood. The king mayappoint a lord to command the knighthood.

The knighthood commander may decide the offenseroute of the knighthood. The commander with high level artifact may unlock moreknighthood skills.


3.   Optimization

Two lords may share one fortress as a fief now.

EXP required for leveling up from Lv.140 toLv.170 is reduced.

Barracks now recruit faster.

Massacre counter added.

Elite Guards are stronger now.

      Friendly State Tarot doubled.

4.   New Events

l  Cast Artifact

Prerequisite: Artifact Unlocked

Details: Use Dynamite to blow up mines to getAlloy or Adv.Alloy and cast artifact.

About Artifact

Use Alloy or Adv.Alloy to cast artifact.

More alloy will be needed when artifact level ishigher.

Note: Adv.Alloy may only beused to cast artifact. It will be reset when the event is over.

About Alloy and Adv.Alloy

During the event, you will be able to claimDynamite for free (of course you can also buy it with diamonds).

Place dynamite in the mine and blow it up to getAlloy and Adv.Alloy.

Iron Giveaway

Details: complete quests to get Iron, Alloy,Adv.Alloy.

For lords who have unlocked artifact: iron rewardswill be upgraded to alloy.

For lords who have not yetunlocked artifact:

Defeat Iron Troops on the world map to get IronVouchers. You may exchange these vouchers for Iron.

You can also spend diamond on cast attempts.

During the event, when your diamond spending oniron has reached a specific amount, you will get bonus diamonds.

Iron Prayer

For lords who have unlocked artifact, iron willbe upgraded to alloy.

Details: complete quests to get iron or alloyrewards. 

You will get bonus rewards when you have donespecific times of iron prayer.

You will get buffs when you have done specifictimes of iron prayer.

       Remember to check your in-game mailbox to claim your rewards.

Treasure Island

Prerequisite: Artifact Unlocked

Details: dig up hidden treasures on differentislands and get wine, tarots or treasure shards.

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