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Siegelord Ver. 7.2 Update Note
37GAMES | notice | 08/18/2017

1. Lv.180 and New Scenario Unlocked

l Complete Lv.174 quest and recruit Jeasson to enter the Savage Tribe scenario. 

l When you have Lv.150 Artifact, defeat Lv.179 Blackstone (Tactic: Savage Charge) torecruit him.


2. Awakened Chancery Unlocked

l Prerequisite:Chancery Lv.165, Awakened Lyle   

3. Sawmill Modification

l Defeat Nadric in Charm of Ancient City, complete Rescue Lianna quest to unlock Sawmill Modification. Sawmill buildings can be modified after Lv.165. Modification requires schematics which are obtainable from merit rank rewards.

4. Crusade Protection Unlocked

l When the protection is activated, your server will not be targeted by crusaders fromother servers.

5. Some Detailed Optimization

l Merit Rank Reward increased

l  Fire Trap damage increased

l  The overall limit for phantoms is now 600.

l  Battle of Draco Isle is easier now.

6. New Events

l Lianna Gift box

Prerequisite:world map unveiled

l Iron Give away

Prerequisite:Artifact Unlocked

7. Event Optimization

l In Fenrir Event, different Fenrir gives different reward now

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