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Ver. 7.1.5 Update Note
37GAMES | notice | 06/13/2017

1.Festival Events

  • USA National Day

Event 1: Crusade Preparation

Event 2: Horse Race

Event 3: Fishing Event

2.New Reign Lv.3 (Battle of Draco Isle) (6.6)

  • New Crusade Scenario - Draco Isle, complete to upgrade faction to New Reign Lv.3

  • New Reign Lv.3 features: 

        1) Medal of Dawn: gives buff on ATK, DEF, and HP.

        2) Truncheon: necessary item for recruiting Jeasson.

        3) World Building: complete the quest to get massive merit rewards.

3.New Crusade

  • Showdown (1vs1)

    Similar to cross-server crusade, but the battle will only take place within the territory of the defending faction.                

PiketonMidsummer HallFort wormwood
Lake Head IslandLake Head IslandBlackwater
Fort wormwoodHullsworth


     Requirements for Victory: 

     For attacking faction: the defending faction has less than 10 fortresses, and its capital has 0 HP.

     For defending faction: occupying the capital of the attacking faction.

Alliance Attacker     Kingdom Attacker         Empire Attacker

Eldon                     Stonemouth                  Whispley

  • Wipeout (1vs3)

  1)Similar to cross-server crusade but a faction must win two Showdown battles first.

  2)Showdown result will be processed after the victory on Draco Isle.

  • Requirements for making crusade appointment: 

  1)A Crusade Order is needed for making a Showdown or Wipeout appointment.

  2)Number of Crusade Order of every faction will be reset to 1 at 23:59 every Sunday night.

  3)A faction may gain 1 extra Crusade Order when it has got enough EXP from faction war. A faction may gain up to 2 extra Crusade Orders within a week.

  • Crusade Reward: 

1)When making crusade appointment, the system will recommend a target server. Once the appointment is made, rewards will be increased.

2)Massive rewards will be obtainable from the two types of crusade.

3)The attacking faction may obtain extra rewards.

4)In Showdown, both the attacking and defending factions will gain faction EXP.

4.Adjustment on Phantoms for Artifact Lv.150+

New Omni Phantom unlocks at Artifact Lv.150 A special phantom that can auto duel and split.

5.Crusade Preparation

6.Antique 4 unlocked

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