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Siegelord 7.1 Patch Note
37GAMES | notice | 04/17/2017

My lords:

Siegelord has updated to patch 7.1! Enter and enjoy the game right now! 

What's new

1. Events


l  April 16th, Easter

n  North America, Germany,France


l  May 14th, Mother’s Day

n  North America, Germany,France


l  May 8th, Victory Day

n  France


l  May 1st, Labor Day

n  Germany


2. Lv.175 Scenario


l  Level cap raised toLv.175, new scenarios Mystic Forest.

l  New general Jeasson,requires Scepter of Regime to recruit.


3. Artifact level cap raised


l  New level cap: Lv.120

l  Lv.100: Trio Phantomunlocks.

l  Lv.120: Mamluk unlocks,Duel Phantom upgraded to Mamluk.

n  Mamluks may automaticallystart duels (unlimited) with enemies before they die.

n  Mamluks can be releasedduring a crusade, this will cost 50 diamonds

n  Mamluks conduct fastcombats. During each duel, the first row of Mamluks will charge into the enemytroops.


4. Removed Phantom fleeing


l  During faction war, Depotwill appear near quest fortress.

l  Once your Depot isdestroyed, new Depot will appear. Phantoms in the quest fortress will beautomatically deployed to defend the Depot.

l  Phantoms will no longerflee.


5. Faction War Witchcraft


l  If your faction has builtan Arsenal, your King or Rank I officers may use Fire Trap on one of yourfortresses that is on fire.

l  Every round, the Fire Trapdeals damage to the first 5 rows of troops of each enemy general.

l  The attacking side can tryto put out the fire, once the fire has been put out, the Fire Trap will beineffective.

l  Each Arsenal contains oneattempt of Fire Trap, when the King or Rank I officer has used a Fire Trap, theattempt contained by the arsenal that is far away from the capital will beconsumed first.

l  Once your faction’sarsenal is destroyed or detonated, you will lose the attempt of fire trap thatis contained by it.

l  There is no limit forarsenals or rock forts.


6. New event: SuppressAlchemy


l  When the event starts,three outposts in the middle of the map will be occupied by the alchemy andthey will be rebuilt into Rock Forts.

l  Massive Rush Phantoms thatare under the command of the Alchemy will appear at these three outposts.

l  All factions must attackand occupy the outpost near to their territory to stop the Alchemy Phantomsfrom spawning.


7. New event: Artifact Mine


l  Requirement: Artifact mustbe unlocked.

l  During the event, playersmay use dynamite to explode the mine to get alloy or adv. alloy. Alloy and Adv.Alloy are required items for upgrading artifacts.


8. Detail Optimization


l  Removed snow from yourcity.

l  King’s Flag can be usedwhen there is no faction war going on, but this will cost diamonds.

l  Sound effect improved.

l  Worker team may usemassacre now.

l  Simplified massacreannouncement.

l  Optimized fief display.

l  Massively increased ironin merit rank reward.


9. Other Optimization


l  Merit rank gem and winerewards increased.

l  EXP required from Lv.140to Lv.160 has been reduced.

l  Suppress Barbarian questis easier now.

l  Extra EXP will be grantedwhen using special phantoms.

l  A new overall daily limit(800) on phantoms can be used by each player is now implemented, as a result,some quests’ difficulty is reduced.

l  Wine cost of Silk Road isreduced from 10000 to 8000.

l  Phantom EXP limit ofcrusade is now removed.

l  Diamond King’s Flag nowrequires diamonds only.

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