Thierry Henry ...

Blood Battle


The battles in Martial Arts World never end. I will fight for our sect together with my disciples. The Blood Battle system will be available in Disciple. A great amount of Ingots and Silver will be given away every day. Don’t miss out!

   You have 3 attempts to fight in Blood Battle every day and you can choose to fight against the enemies of different difficulties for each level.


   You will get corresponding amount of stars if you defeat the enemies of different difficulties. (The stars you will get = Stars you get in the battle * the corresponding multiplier)

   You can spend stars to select an attribute bonus every time you clear 3 levels of Blood Battle and you can get Silver rewards every time you clear 5 levels. The remaining stars will be cleared at 00:00 every day.

   The stars will be calculated when the Blood Battle ends. The players with more stars will be ranked on the ranking list and they will get the corresponding Ingots and Silver. Players can get 10,000,000 Silver at most. 

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