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Level Up Your Relationship!


Level Up Your Relationship!

The Marriage System

1. The marriage panel is unlocked after 1R Lv.65; 

2. Players can post a personal in the marriage panel and check other players personals and make a proposal aftering finding "the one". 

Proposal introduction 

1. A Player can only make a proposal to his/her friend after their intimacy reaches Rank 3. 2. You must have wedding rings in your bag. 

3. Players become married after the proposal is accepted.


1. Players who are getting married can hold a wedding choosing from 3 different ranks.

2. Players can attend the wedding and bring gifts to the newly married couple.

3. Players who sent gift will gain an EXP bonus buff  

Couple Skills

A. Ordinary Wedding: 150% EXP from Blitz (5 hours) 

B. Luxurious Wedding: 250% EXP from Blitz (5 hours) 

C.Grand Wedding: 500% EXP from Blitz (5 hours)

4. For the couple who holds the wedding, gifts increase EXP and soul.

5. Theres no time limit in holding a wedding. However, a wedding is held to celebrate for only one couple.

Couples can divorce to end their relationship. But be cautious.  

1. There are Uncontested Divorce and Contested Divorce, the former reduces 20% of intimacy,   and the latter clears all intimacy

2. Wedding Rings will disappear after divorce

3. Couple skills will become unavailable after divorce.

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