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Mutation Script


Mutation Script

Mutation Script, is a lection left by Dharma Master. He sought for ultimate truth from Shaolin Temple, and wrote the Mutation Script after he understood the knowledge. While this script is too hard to understand, master with talent of martial art can learn from it.

There are 8 Ranks of Mutation Script, breakthrough them and player will greatly upgrade their overall stats.

The Mutation Script system will be available automatically after reaching 1R60Lv. Open Player panel and click 【Mutation Script】 tab to enter Mutation Script system.

1.Mutation Script system will increase power and overall stats;

2.There are 8 ranks in Mutation Script, breakthrough each rank and player’s power and stats will be upgrade;

3.Ingots can be used to promote Mutation Script, so as Mutation Script Knack. Blessing of Mutation Script will be reset after 23:59 everyday. Please promote before it is reset.

4.After rank 7 of Mutation Script, player can use Mutation Script Promotion Card to promote to rank 8 directly.