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Golden Shield


Golden Shield

Golden Shield, as its name, is an unbreakable shield covering the body and thus protect the master from any damage. It is one of the four super martial arts of Shaolin, created by Dharma master.

The branch quest of Golden Shield will be available after 1 Rebirth, finish this quest and the Golden Shield function will be opened. Click to 【Golden Shield】 tab in Player panel to enter it.

There are 8 Ranks of Golden Shield, breakthrough them and player will greatly upgrade their overall stats. Ingots can be used to promote Golden Shield, so as Mutation Script Knack. Blessing of Mutation Script will be reset after 23:59 everyday.

After breaking all 8 ranks of Golden Shield, player can use skill book to acquire Golden Bell Skill. Use it to acquire Golden Bell buff and add additional buff to player which absorbs damage up to 100%* Maximum HP.