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Pet System


Pet System

Will you feel lonely if you fight by yourself in ShiFu? Have you ever imagined that you have a partner just like Yang Guo’s Holy Condor? Now you don’t need to envy Yang Guo since we have the pets that are cooler than Holy Condor for you! The pet will help you go smoothly in ShiFu and make your journey more interesting. The most amazing thing is that the pet can protect you all the time! Hurry to check the Pet system!

1. Capture Pet

   You can unlock the Pet system if you complete the corresponding main quest after you complete Reincarnation in the game. After you unlock the Pet system, you can open the Pet interface and consume a small amount of Silver to capture your first pet-Ingot Pig.

2. Pet Join the Combat

   After you capture Ingot Pig, you can check the Ingot Pig by clicking the Ingot Pig icon in the left of the interface. Isn’t it cool? Do you want it to fight with you? Then click the Go button to summon it to fight with you!

3. Feed Pet

   Are you worrying about how to deal with the redundant materials you got from Sweeping Instance? Now you can use them to feed the pet. The feed function can not only help you clear your bag but change waste material into things of value. Open the Feed interface and click the item or All In and then click Feed button to feed the pet. By doing this, you can upgrade the pet and the pet’s appearance will be changed if you upgrade it to the specified level. Come on to challenge the instances and get the materials to feed the pet!

4. Pet Skill

You will be surprised when you find that the more powerful function of pet-Pet Skill. Each pet has 1 talent skill and 2 basic skills. Talent skill is active skill and can’t be purged while the basic skills can be changed via consuming 50,000 Silver to purge. Different skills will have different effects. Each pet can have different skills. So if you want more skills, you can purge skills for your pets!


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