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Mount System


Mount System

   Every player looks forward to ride the horse and hold the spear to fight against the enemies on the battlefield. In SHIFU, there are 9 stages of the mount. The mount of each stage is amazing and it will be the most reliable partner for you! The mount of higher rank will grant you higher Battle Rating and make you move faster!

1. How to get mount

You can get a pony if you go along with the main line of the game. And then you can start your journey on the mount!

2. How to promote mount

Open the Mount interface and click the Promote Mount button to promote the mount. You can consume either Silver or Ingots to accomplish it.

There are 2 ways of promoting mount , Promote Mount and Auto Promotion, in Mount promoting interface. The effects of them are the same. 

By using Promote Mount, you will promote the mount manually and you can click the button quickly if you have enough materials for promoting.

By using Auto Promotion, if it meets the promoting requirement, the mount will be promoted automatically till you close the interface or successfully promote the mount or there is insufficient material. 

Tips: The Mount's Bless will be reset at 24:00 every day. Therefore, you are advised to finish promoting the mount to the next rank at a time. When the mount reaches Rank 2, its appearance will be changed. The mount will become cooler and more powerful if you keep promoting it.

3. Mount skill

Mount can promote the character’s resistance and thus to resist against the corresponding Debuff effectively. Therefore, if you want to be in the lead in SHIFU, mount skill will be essential for you. The mount of higher rank can be unlocked more skills. Don’t forget to challenge Chop Instance to get Beast Skill and then gain mount skills!