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Mount Hua Competition


“Mount Hua Competition” is the most famous event in the world of martial art, and thus decide the legendary “Five Heroes”, with the top hero will be rewarded with Peerless Dragonslayer. We now recreate this famous event in ShiFu, allowing hundreds of players chasing for the honor of “Five Heroes” and the Dragonslayer!

1.Opening of Mount Hua Competition

Players with level 67 or above will open Mount Hua Competition automatically

2. Rules

Once players enter the Competition, they have to defeat opponents to enter the next level. The top 1 player will receive the honor as well as the Dragonslayer.

3.Statues of “Five Heroes”

The top 5 players in Mount Hua Competition will receive the honor of “Five Heroes”, and their statues will be put in centre of Loong Town. 

e.g. Player A has won the 1st place in Mount Hua Competition, so the statue of Demigod · Wang Chongyang will be replace with Demigod · Player A from the next day, being worshipped by other players.

Don’t you want to become the new “Five Heroes”? Don’t you want the rich and generous rewards? Come and fight other players in Mount Hua, and carve your path to the Demigod!