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Money Making Guide


Money Making Guide

In Shifu, many things can be upgrade by money, so money plays an important role in game. But how to earn money fast? Now we are going to talk about the money making guide.

1. Money Tree

As the name of the tree, shake it, you will get money! Isn’t that easy?

2. Bronze Chest

It is an important way of earning money. The bronze chests can be obtained by random loot, each time to open the bronze will cost players 5000 silver. After opening, players will receive more than 10000 silver. Players will also have a chance to get 100000 silver and other treasures. Each day players can open up to 100 bronze chests, don’t miss them!

3. Reselling

In Shifu, players can become merchants, buying goods and reselling them in different places. This may sound hard but Shifu made it easy! Everything can be done in one panel, players just have to do a few clicks and let the computer do the rest of the work. Become the richest merchant now!

4. Shape Smash

Play this mini game and win money! If your scored more than 30000 points, you will get 100000 silver. Each day you will have 3 chances (VIP will have 6 chances)! Mini game experts, what are you waiting for!

5. Escort Cart

In the world of Shifu, escort cart sometimes can be the reason for a fight. It is also a good way of making money. Every day, players can receive the escort quest from Qiu Chuji in the main city. Players just have to deposit certain amount of money so they can begin the escort. Complete the quest to get tons of ingots and silver. If you don’t have enough deposit, don’t worry, you can always attack NPC’s escort carts to loot their ingots!

There are many more ways of money making in game, for example cross server battles, Sweeping, Mining, Martial club, etc. Come on, let’s join the world of Shifu and make some fortune!