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Martial Arts System


Martial Arts System

   Kung Fu experts often live in seclusion in each sect or dominate it. When someone comes to challenge the sect, they will fight at the critical moment to defeat the invaders and reverse the situation.Therefore the unique skills of the Kung Fu experts are very precious. If you want to learn the best unique skill in ShiFu, you should challenge the corresponding sects first!

1. Acquire Skills

All martial arts of ShiFu can be acquired from the Sweeping Instance. Challenging different sects can acquire different unique skills! You may choose the sects you want to challenge and you may have a chance to meet with the Hermit Expert of each sect. Defeat the Hermit Experts to get the Skill Fragments and collect them all to get the secret manual! Come on! My hero! Hurry to acquire the unique skills!

2. Upgrade Skills

You should not stand still after you acquire the skills. Instead, you should try your best to upgrade the skills. The higher the level of the skill, the more damage it will deal and the higher  the trigger rate of the additional skill debuff will be. If you want to dominate ShiFu, don’t forget to upgrade your skills!