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Level-up Guide of ShiFu


1. Main quest

Players can enjoy the main quests as they level up,finish the main quests will give players gears, skills and ingots. Those questsalso help players to have a better understanding of Shifu’s systems.


2. Daily quest

Every day players can accept 20 rims of daily quests,after finishing, players are able to get extra bonus. VIP players will have theprivillage to one click complete all the daily quests! Daily quests are veryhelpful for players level up. So remember to finish them daily.


3. Continuous Chop Instance

In the continuous chop instance, monsters EXP areincreased many times than the normal areas. So don’t miss the daily 2 chancesfor this instance. Except EXP, players can also get pet skills. Pet skills caneffectively defend debuffs for players.


4. Karma instance

Karma instance is special, it requires players whohave already rebirth. In this instance, players will have incredibly high EXP,but it is also dangerous. Increase your power and challenge the karma instancenow!


5. Super EXP pill

This legendary pill will directly increase 1 levelafter using it. Now we only know one way to get this pill----Guild Pick. So ifyou want it, you better join a guild!


Alright, that’s all about leveling up, of course inShifu, there are more ways to level up, more fun and exciting systems arewaiting for players to explore, hope you enjoy the time playing Shifu!‍