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Guild System of ShiFu


Wherever there’s people, there’s fight. Sometimes we may be defeated or even be bullied, what shall we do now? Yes, call for your guild and go fuck them! One arrow to the skyrim, and the whole guild will come with me! Wait...where’s my guild? Have I joined one?

Here is how to join a Guild: Guild system will open to players of level 20 or above,  click the Guild button in the right bottom to open the Guild Page, and you’ll face a momentous choice in ShiFu:

1.create your own Guild
 3 conditions are required to create a guild: a character of level 30 or above, VIP power and 1 million silver. Once you meet these 3 requirements all together, you can just enter the name of your own guild and click to create It! Now, it’s time to gather our Guild and go get those bastard!

2. Join a Guild
 You can search in the guild list to choose a favorite one, then click the “Join” button in the right bottom for application. With permission of the leader you’re now a brother of the guild. Now, for becoming a brother of the guild, let’s fight and level up!


In Shifu, you can do far more than just creating and joining guilds. Systems like Guild Challenge, Guild Duel,  Guild Welfare and Guild Construction make the guild system easy but in depth. But the most important thing before all that is to find the right guild to join. Masters, what are you waiting for?