Thierry Henry ...

Basic Moves


1. Basic movements
Your character will be placed in the middle of the screen, left click to move the character freely. If you keep pressing the left mouse button for 3 seconds, the character will move with your mouse.

2. Pick up items
When you see items on the ground, you only have to press space to loot the item. You can also left click the items to pick them up. You cannot loot other players items within a certain time.

3. Use items
Press B or click the backpack button on the down right corner to open your inventory. Left click on items to open the item menu. Double click to use items directly (some of the items cannot be used directly).


4. Shop
In the inventory interface, you can click Shop button to access the shop at anytime you want. You can repair, buy or sell items using this function.

5. Skill bars
In Shifu, you are able to set their main and sub skill bars freely. Each bar gives you 4 slots. You can also use ~ button or left click the switch button to switch between each skill bars.

6. Basic attack
Left click to lock your target, double click to attack the locked target. Press 1-4 to use the skills. You can also press Z to perform auto attack.

7. Hotkeys list

~ Switch skill bar
Tab Lock target/switch target
Z Auto attack
X Use inner power shield