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Character Creation


1. Register

Enter Shifu’s official website, clickregister to register an account, you need to fill in the required information.After a successful register, you will be prompted to the server list, choose asever to enter the game, this will lead you to the character creation page.


2. Get ready

After successful registered, players willsee the character creation interface in game. In Shifu, players are able tochoose from the male character and the female character. Players can click themto see the portrait preview.


3. Create your character

After previewing, players can decide whichcharacter to choose. After this, players can enter the character’s name. Namegenerator is also provided if you need some random names.


4. Join the game

After naming the character, play can simplyclick “Create Character” button to join the exciting world of Shifu!


As you can see, the whole charactercreation process will take less than a minute, so join us now and start yourepic journey!