Thierry Henry ...

Backgroud of ShiFu...


On 4th Apr. 2020, the sacred Mayan Prophecy had come true...again. On that day, the earth was covered with ice and fire, sea and coast were blew and swept by Tatsumaki storm. The earth planet was irradiated by a mysterious kind of rayand thus broke into numerous parallel worlds.


Parallel worlds are consist of from countless “if” to infinite “future”. People with one soul have all the possibilities in these independent parallel worlds and thus lead to each unique future. Destiny of mankind had now been scattered.


Our hero is a true destiny, who crossed the millennium to the world of ShiFu.He learnt from Tienkids that the mighty Eight Scrolls contain clues to change the future, whose existence is beyond the knowlege of mortal people. He who masters all the eight scrolls will rule the world. Knowing this, our hero decided to go for these clues as well as build up himself. He’s determined to integrate all the parallel worlds into one, returning the long-lost peace tothis world.


Meanwhile, the worlds of Demi Gods and Semi Devils, The Legend of the Condor Heroes, The Condor Heroes Return and Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre have woven together. When the Duan family of Dali of DemiGods and Semi Devils was endangered by the four villains; Competition on Huashan Mountain of The Legend of theCondor Heroes was just on the go; and the Chang couple of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre has already been forced to die for their love. According to our calendar, these events happened just in the same day.


The true destiny of our hero is to jump between these worlds through the time tunnel, gathering the eight scrolls,mastering and then changing the true destiny. Yet the benighted mortal don’t understand and consider him to be a freak. Will our hero gather the mighty eight scrolls...


During our way of collection, whatkind of love story will happen between us and all the beauties of ShiFu? What the duel will be with those famous heroes? And what’s the fate of our world? It’s all up to you! Now, come to the world of ShiFu and save our world!