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Players can complete escorts in order to earn Star Stones, Prestige, and large amounts of Silver.

Level Conditions

Escort becomes available after level 38. 


(1)It is free to escort cargo for the first 3 attempts each day.

(2)Once a player has begun an escort, other players are free to plunder their cargo. Players may only be plundered a certain number of times each escort.

(3)Players can also plunder other players a certain number of times. 

(4)Players can assist their friends in escorting cargo 2 times a day. Upon success there will be a bonus 20% reward of Silver and Prestige. 

(5)Players are unable to enter Escort while training. 


The qualities of cargo in ascending order are: Quartz Cargo, Emerald Cargo, Sapphire Cargo, Amethyst Cargo, and Topaz Cargo 

Escort Rules

(1)Once the escort has begun the player will begin travelling from the left side to the right hand side. 

(2)Escort completion takes a set amount of time. Cargo of higher level will take longer to escort. 

(3)Players will receive their reward only after completion of the escort. 

Plunder Rules

(1)After starting an escort players may begin plundering other players. Each day a player may plunder only 5 times. 

(2)If the defender has a friend assisting them then the attacker will need to battle with the friend first. If the defender has no friend assisting them then the attacker will directly begin a battle with the defender. 

(3)After a successful plunder the attacker will win a 20% bonus reward of Silver and Prestige. This said, rewards are dependent upon the difference in level between the attacker and the defender. Rewards decrease as the gap widens between levels, eventually resulting in no reward being issued. 

(4)Players can only plunder a single player twice in one day. A defeat does not count.

(5)If a player is plundered they may select “reseize”. 

Summoning the God of War

VIP7 players may spend 500 Gold to summon the God of War. The effects last for 1 hour.

(1)After summoning, the summoner’s Alliance will be rewarded with 500 Alliance EXP and 2,000 Alliance Funds. 

(2)After summoning, all members of the summoner’s Alliance will obtain a 10% bonus to Escort rewards.

(3)After summoning, each time an Alliance member successfully escorts cargo the summoner will earn 5 points of Prestige.

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