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Increasing your battle rating: Equipment

Greeting traveler. I see that you have acquired some spoils of war. But did you perhaps found some new equipment in the monster his innards? Maybe that or you have just exchanged it for tokens that you found in the depths of hell? Or perhaps you synthed some essence of slain monsters from Satan's portal? Well, it doesn't matters where you gotten the equipment from. What matters now is that you make that jewelry, weapon or even armour as strong as possible. You wouldn't want to do worse than your comrade who is a few levels above you, to make sure this won't happen you will need to upgrade.

But, before you read this guide, YOU NEED TO PINKYSWEAR that you won't kill me with your new overpowered items. Nor can you take my rank 2 spot in the battleshrine.


Taking a closer look at equipment


(Note: Also quality of the equipment increases the base BR (Higher quality (for instance legendary gives higher base stats than common equipment)

In this guide we will be speaking about:

1. Total BR gained

2. Extra stats (Both soul and star atlas)

3. Glyphs

4. Bonus stats

5. Gems

1. Total BR gained

As you can see it is the same level equipment (both are level 50). And yet, there is over a difference of OVER 5000. This is the effect of upgrading your equipment. (Note: The sword on right is NOT upgraded completely yet, sword on the left is NOT upgraded at all). This number is the COMPLETE amount of points in battle rating it gives. And is ONLY for that piece of equipment.

I probally gotten your attention now didn't I, you are interested in knowing how to make an piece of equipment almost overpowered, don't you?

2. EXTRA base stats

As you can see there are 2 numbers that add a certain % of base stats. The first one (2.1) is from increasing the Soul-level of that piece of equipment, whilst the second % (2.2) is increased from synthing the gear.

"So, where do you find those, because 300% basic stats alot?" I can see you asking it already. Just for you, I'll give you the details on how to increase the soul percentage.

2.1 Soul attribute increase (level 19+)

To open the tab you will need to increase the base stats with the most points, click 'Soul'. Soul is located on the bottom line, just like the arrow shows.;

Now that you have opened the Soul tab you should get this screen:

This might look a very little bit confusing when you open it for the first time. (Since the tutorial doesn't give all the information of it, I will tell you everything that you need to know about this)

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