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[GUIDE] Hero Selection Guide

Hero Selection Guide  

Greetings young traveler! I see you have decided to embark upon an epic journey to become the best [insert class here] in the magical world of Knight's Fable.

But before you do so, perhaps you should rest at the local tavern. I hear stories of mighty warriors who take refuge in the safety of these inns.

Maybe with enough silver and rum you could convince one, or maybe two of these legendary heroes to join your party.

After all, it is not safe to wander these strange and mysterious lands alone.... that and it sucks getting killed alone.


The Inn 

Geez you don't know where anything is do you traveler? Making a babbling idiot like me show you around like this!

Well since I'm here I guess I will talk a little bit about the Inn. First off, if you are ever lost just look for the pretty barmaid with the pitcher of ale above her head.

I've been to the tavern countless times and I still don't know how she balances that drink on her head all day. And just so you know.. I come here for business purposes only... YEAH that's right!... "business purposes"..; I know the quotations make it look suspicious but trust me.. I don't go just for the drinks and pretty women.

To tell you the truth, they all look the same to me. I've been to every town around here traveler and I swear it's probably just the same girl working every tavern.

But don't tell the barmaids that I said that, I don't feel like getting stabbed today.

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