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[GUIDE] Fighter Skills by resquinox

Hi guys, this is just a simple guide and breakdown on fighter skills and a layout of some of the useful combinations of skills that I think are good for fighters.

Fighter Skills

  Fissure Slam - Deals massive single target damage. It is the first skill that fighters learn and is very useful until later levels. Although Fissure Slam scales very well with skill level, it has no effects or special conditions so it is not that highly valued.

  Sly Slash - Moderately high base damage. This skill is more for utility rather than damage because it permanently buffs your Fighter with increased agility for the whole duration of the fight. Sly Slash is a great skill to start your combo with because of how important agility is to the Fighter class.

  Beast Cut- This is an essential skill that all Fighters should use once they unlock it. Beast Cut costs 8% of your current health points to use, but it is well worth that cost. The reason why is because Beast Cut increases the Fighter's attack power greatly for two turns making this skill amazing to use,especially if used to enhance the damage of already powerful skills. Beast Cut also restores 30 energy when used, which makes this skill a necessity because it allows the Fighter to utilize an additional skill before having to resort to auto attacks.

 Swordplay - One of your primary damage skills. Swordplay deals INSANE damage but only if you have higher agility than your opponent. I have compared the damage before, and even if your agility is not that much higher than your opponents, Swordplay will still deal more damage than Fissure Slam. Combo this skill with Sly Slash and Beast Cut; before using Swordplay in order to deal maximum damage.

  Wild Break - I personally do not value this skill at all, as you can see from how low level it is. I know some people say that it is a good skill to use because it decreases your opponents agility which allows Swordplay to deal even more damage against them. This sounds good in theory but truth be told it is a useless skill and a waste of a skill slot. The reason why is because since there are only 4 slots for skills, chances are if you use Wild Break it will be one of the first couple skills that you use. Usually your opponent hides behind their heroes in their party setup so that means its agility debuff will be applied to a hero which is useless because they already have low agility. Usually the hero that gets hit by Wild Break will die after 2 skills which means that the agility debuff will be wasted since the target did not even last long enough for Swordplay to be used. The ideal target for Wild Break is the enemy character, not their heroes. Even if you were able to apply it to their heroes, the decrease in their agility does not increase the damage of Swordplay enough to replace a better skill in your rotation with Wild Break.

  Blood Burst- Without a doubt, the best skill for Fighters at the moment. Blood Burst deals INSANE damage to a single target the lower their health is. This skill as the potential to one shot everything around 50% hp, even tanky characters and heroes.

I will not cover the other skills as they have either not been released yet, or require a higher star level than what I currently have.

Skill Combinations

What I recommend for Early Level Fighters

1. Start off with Sly Slash to increase your agility. Allows for greater damage from Swordplay later on and because the agility buff lasts for the whole fight, you don't have to worry about using Swordplay immediently afterwards.

2. Use Beast Cut right afterwards. It restores 30 energy which covers the cost of using Sly Slash and also buffs up your attack power leading up to your last two powerful skills. Because the attack power buff of Beast Cut only lasts 2 turns, I would recommend having it as your 2nd skill in the combo right before your strong attacks.

3. Fissure Slam + attack power buff from Beast Cut = massive damage! By now one of your enemies heroes should be dead.

4. The first three skills should guarentee that you kill at least one hero by now (unless you are fighting someone much stronger than you), this allows for Swordplay that is buffed from Sly Slash and Beast Cut to deal massive damage to a new target rather than having its insane damage wasted on killing an almost dead target.

What I recommend for Level 50-70 Fighters

1. Start off with Sly Slash for the agility buff.

2. Follow up with Beast Cut for energy regeneration and also to buff the damage of your last two hard hitting skills.

3. Blood Burst. You are probably wondering why use Blood Burst as the 3rd skill? Why not save it for last since it deals the most damage out of all current Fighter skills? The reason why is because Blood Burst can one shot the majority of enemies who are around 50% health, even tanky characters. Often times people put their most tanky character up front which means that you have to kill their tank first. Using Blood Burst as the 3rd skill allows you to kill that tanky character without having to use all 4 skills on one target. Placing Blood Burst as the last skill is a horrible idea because usually by the time you get around to the fourth skill, your first target is already dead which means that Blood Burst will be wasted on a 100% hp new target which is not a good way to maximize and fully utilize this skill.

4.Finish up your combo with Swordplay, since your initial target will probably be dead after blood burst, Swordplay is a great opener on the next target since its damage does not depend on the health of your enemy but rather the agility of your enemy.

Other Builds That I Have Seen.

I can see how people think this is a good build. Buff agility with;Sly Slash , debuff enemy agility with;Wild Break , then use Swordplay skill that deals damage based off of difference in agility. Problem is, that usually the target you are using this on is an enemy hero that already has almost 0 agility so Wild Break is basically useless on them. Also, having Blood Burst as the last skill might be problematic if by the time you get around to using Blood Burst, your first target is dead and Blood Burst is used on the next target who has 100% hp. So you wouldn't get the full value out of Blood Burst. Also, without Beast Cut you will have no way to regenerate your energy quickly, this makes you have to rely on auto attacks after Blood Burst which can be bad for you unless you got so much agility you are double/triple hitting everytime XD. I would not recommend this build.

Another variation of the agility build. This build relies too heavily on one skill: Swordplay. A lot of people seem to think that it is a good idea to use all of these skills together because they all involve agility, but they are wrong. This combination of skills focuses mainly on setting up your Swordplay to deal the most damage it can, but that means that the only true damage your character will do is every 4th turn since the first 3 turns will be spent on modifying yours or your opponent's agility values while doing lackluster damage. Not to mention that chances are, you will not have enough energy to do a complete 2nd cycle of all of these skills making this build completely useless especially if the fight lasts longer than a full cycle (4 skill uses).

Using Fissure Slam After Obtaining Blood Burst

  Fissure Slam is a great move UNTIL you get Blood Burst. After that, I recommend NEVER using Fissure Slam again. It has no utility and is just pure damage at a staggering 40 energy cost. The damage you get out of this skill is not comparable to other skills like Sly Slash or Beast Cut, which although they deal less damage, have added benefits which makes their value much greater than Fissure Slam.

Any views or opinions presented in this strategy are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of


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