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Sever merge notification

Dear Guardians,

In order to provide a better gaming environment and experience to players, we decided to merge some servers of G.O.D from 02:00 to 03:00 AM on Apr,25, EDT(server time).

Players of the following servers will not be able to log in while the servers are being merged. Please share this information with your friends. A lot of server merge events are also waiting for you!

Please remember to go offline before the server merge. If there is any emergency that causes extension of the downtime, we will keep you updated. Please follow the latest news on our website/forums/and or facebook.



1. What is a server merge?

Merging player data from two or several servers into one database. As a player, a server merge will affect only limited aspects of user experience and allow more active users to play with each other.

2. How do I enter my server if it is merged with another server?

You can still use the original server number, link and recharge options. 

3. What will happen if I have characters on several servers that will be merged together?

-If players have multiple characters in the merging servers, the merge won’t affect the characters’ data. 

-For instance, if server 2 and server 3 are merged, players log in from server 2 and the character will be from server 2 and players log in from server 3, then the character will be from server 3.  

4. What kind of characters will be deleted?

If a character meets all the 3 conditions below, then it will be deleted.

a. Lvl 150 or below

b. Hasn’t been online during the last 30 days before a server merge

c. No recharge history

5. Will my in-game data disappear?

Data such as level, EXP or stats will not disappear; Information like friends, guilds, and auction items won’t be cleared. 

However, data related to ranks, boss damage, throne battles, territory battles, arena, and astrology, as well as system emails that have been read and without attachment will be deleted.

We hope this server merge can bring you a better gaming experience and you can make more friends and allies! Feel free to contact us with any questions :) 




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