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Real 3D Strategy-Warfare MMO: Lords of Conquest is coming now!


Real 3D Strategy-Warfare MMO Game:Lords of Conquest launches 13:00 on Dec 14th(UTC)!

Conquer All, Leave None!!


Lords of conquest is a Real 3D Strategy-Warfare MMO mobile game.

The world is in chaos! Build your empire and rally your troops – competition is fierce and you are not alone, others have their eyes on the Throne! Stunning graphics and addictive gameplay that is unparalleled in the MMO strategy genre. Join millions of other Lords around the world, and battle your way to the top!

[Game Features]

- Build, upgrade and customize! Build up your empire from the ground up by whatever means necessary!

- Explore an immersive world in stunning HD graphics and discover historic sites from ancient civilizations.

- Real-time strategy and resource management. Harvest resources and pocket gold in order to strengthen your army.

- Team up with your friends online and fight alongside each other in massive PVP Wars. Enlist a Legion of allies you can trust!

- Recruit, train and level-up Heroes. They will be essential in leading your army to victory!

- Plot and scheme divisive strategies with friends and foe alike in 3 modes of Chat – Chat privately within your Legion or Faction, send private messages to allies, or even reach out to the whole world.

- Connect with Lords of Conquest anywhere, anytime from multiple devices!

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