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Pet System Introduction


Pet System Introduction

The cute SLG “Chibi Warriors” has added a new Pet System which gives Warriors another chance to grow up and guarantees more abundant game play in future. Level 60 players can unlock the “Pet Palace” building.

Click the building Pet Palace on the main scene to open the interface.

The Pet interface includesAdvance, Passive Attribute, Spirit andSkill”.

1- Advance

Pet can be advanced up to Rank 10. Each time a Pet is advanced, a Spirit will be unlocked and passive attribute will be increased. When a Pet is advanced by 2 ranks, an active skill will be unlocked.

It consumes purple quality Pet Pill to advance a Pet. According to a Pet's rank, it will require different amounts of Pet Pill. Players can buy Pet Pills from the Shop. They can also click the button +above to buy some.

Blessing: When players fail to advance a Pet, the system will increase Blessing and bring a buff. The Blessing will be cleared in 48 hours. (Once Blessing is larger than 1, the system will start to count down to clear it.) When players succeed, the system will clear Blessing.

Move the cursor on Blessing to view more tips.

2-Passive Attribute

A Pet possesses Leadership as its passive attribute. All participating Warriors can enjoy the buff. When a Pet upgrades, the buff will be increased. The higher the level, the stronger the pet is.


A Pet possesses 10 Spirit in total. Each Spirit means a fixed attribute. All participating Warriors can enjoy the Spirit buff. Each time a Pet advances, a corresponding Spirit will be automatically activated. Rank 1 Pet already activated the first Spirit by default. Once a Spirit is activated, all Warriors can enjoy the attribute bonus.


Rank 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 Pet can unlock an active skill. It means that players automatically learn an active skill when they advance a Pet to rank 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10. Every pet has its own skills. The higher the level, the more powerful the skills are.

Battle Performance

A Pet's head portrait will be displayed near a player's avatar. When a Pet is casting a skill, there is an avatar displayed on the screen

Pet list (from Pet Rank 1 to max Rank):

level up your pet or just play with the pet you enjoy most!