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Latest Update

Awaken System Guidance


Based on the Three Kingdoms, the cute SLG “Chibi Warriors” brings players brand new mode to develop their Warriors. The Awaken system gives Warriors the second chance to grow up and guarantees more abundant game play in future. Level 50 players can unlock the function Awaken.

They must refine soul and collect enough Godly Warrior's Shards to break the seal. It requires Godly warrior's Shard*50 to awaken a warrior. Players can preview warriors they can awaken from the tag “Awaken Godly Warrior” of Warriors' Platform.

The function “Refine Soul” is very important to develop warriors in the later period. Players can use Orange Warrior Card to refine soul and increase a target Warrior's attributes. It is the most important method when the cultivation and refining reach the upper limit. Before players awaken a Warrior, the level of Refine Soul must reach 50.

Godly Warrior's Shard is the rarest material in game. It is said that Godly Warrior's Shards are scattered everywhere during the chaos. Players can get Godly Warrior's Shards from Honor Shop of Corp War and chests received from Corp Boss Battle and World Boss Battle.

Warriors are units before they are awakened. After being awakened, a Warrior's name becomes red from orange and the shape becomes real. The target's attack attribute will be increased permanently and the fighting capacity will be enhanced too. In general, Warriors will become more important after being awakened.