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Warrior's Hall


Warriors’ Hall
It is the only way to recruit Warriors. Players can recruit whom they need from Warriors’ Hall.

[How to unlock]

Level 4 Emperor can unlock the Warriors’ Hall system.

[How to play]

Recruit: Players can consume Gold or Ingots to recruit Warriors. Gold mode starts from “Tasteless” and Ingot mode starts from “Delighted”. The relationship is sorted from “Tasteless” to “Cheerful”, “Delighted”, “Buzzing” and “Never Return”. It requires more fees to recruit in proper order. Of course, the success rate to recruit a better Warrior will be increased too.

Recruit Fast: Click “Recruit Fast” and the system will automatically recruit Warriors according to the mode players selected. It stops only when Warrior slots are full or there are not enough Gold.

See off Fast: When Warrior slots are full, players can click “See of Fast”. Blue quality or above Warriors will become the corresponding Warrior's Soul.

Recruit: Players can click “Recruit” when a Warrior they want appears.

Exchange: When Warrior’s Soul reaches 6000, players can exchange for a Warrior they want from the exchange interface.